A Dog Lover's Type of Coverage


I love my dog. And when I say I love my dog, I mean I really LOVE my dog. Anyone that knows me personally knows that my dog, Prince, gets treated better than I treat my fiancé. His food is organic and he sleeps wherever he pleases, which is often as close to my face as possible. The average pet owner probably feels the same way that I do about Prince and would be absolutely devastated if something happened to their furry companion. Veterinary costs are on the rise just like human health care. If any of you out there are like me, you’d be willing to give your left arm to ensure that your pet has the best care available without breaking the bank. This can be resolved by utilizing one of the newest forms of insurance, pet insurance.

Pet insurance?! When the heck did pet insurance become a thing you may ask. Well, pet insurance is becoming increasingly popular as modern pet owners are more likely to pay for extensive surgeries to save the lives of their pets. My very first dog, Kupcake, that was a member of my family for 10 years died of breast cancer in 2011. I wish there would have been a policy in place to cover the thousands of dollars of treatment she underwent.

What Does it Cover?

Pet insurance coverages can range from basic preventative care to behavioral therapy for unruly pets. Different companies will offer different coverage options so it is important to evaluate what your pets current and future needs may be. For example, I have a toy poodle. Toy poodles are known for suffering from hip dysplasia and gum disease. When purchasing a policy I would ensure that genetic or “breed-specific” illnesses are covered and not just accident-only (Meaning the policy will only cover accidents such as a car accidents, broken bones, lacerations, etc.).

Like your typical health care policy there will likely be a deductible included in the pet policy with most covering up to 90% of veterinary fees. An overnight vet stay can easily cost $1000. Keep in mind, like everything in life, cheaper isn’t always better. So if you find the policy is extremely low-cost, it may be an accident-only policy. Typically only dogs and cats are covered at this point in time, but I would not doubt other pets will be added in the near future. Some companies will even cover birds or exotic pets for a higher premium, of course.

Just a little extra because he’s so dang cute!

Just a little extra because he’s so dang cute!

Where can I find a pet policy?

There are tons of internet policies (online-based insurance companies)that can be found, but many established companies are now electing to offer pet policies. The major carriers that we know for auto or homeowners are now offering pet policies. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance(which Swanson is a proud partner of ) now offers pet policies with great rates and no lifetime maximum caps.

If you love your furry family member anywhere close to how I love mine, then pet insurance is a great way to not break the bank while protecting your favorite member of the family (yea, just admit it).

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Jasmine Henderson